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School Activities  

It brings the students and members of staff together as a family, each seeking the Almighty’s grace in all his thoughts, words and action. Inspiring and informative talks by students and staff members set the tone of the day.

Moral Education :- The day begins with Gayatri mantra, addressed to the radiant God in order to awaken our intellects and inculcate moral values. Once in a week children perform Hawan with their teachers with the chants of Vedic Mantra. Vedic Shiksha is imparted through qualified teachers.
School Bands :- The school has a regular band which performs all the important functions of the school.
Trips and Excursions:-The school also organizes tours, excursions , Picnic and field trips periodically under the supervision of the staff. All these help the students in learning by seeing.
Student Council :- The office bearers are nominated on the basis of academic excellence, a sense of duty, leadership qualities, self motivation and exemplary moral character and are given badges in investiture ceremony.