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The Importance Of A Library  
The school is central to learning and plays a key role as a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity, and problem solving. The library is a catalyst for literacy and reading and for the teaching and scaffolding inquiry learning. School library makes a student understanding and achievement and provide support for teaching and learning throughout the school. A School library reflects student’s identities through ensuring that the languages and cultures of the school community are an integral part of the library’s collection, services and environment. Libraries are still places where individuals gather to explore, interact and imagine. A good modern library usually subscribes to practically all the important news papers and periodicals. Books, newspapers and periodicals are the main features of a library  and they represent the endeavors, achievements and glory of writer, Statesmen, Scientists, Philosophers and Saints.Library is an essential part of the student’s life. They should take full advantage of the libraries available. Students should also remember that they should not misuse the library books by marking them with ink or tearing off their pages, required by the students. Library books must be kept properly.