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Civil President DAV college Managing committee New Delhi.  Education and social system go together so it was through education that Swami Dayanand wanted to bring the desired social order. According to him, “No nation can remain virile and strong unless the youth receives proper education” Maintaining the spiritual heritage of the East to perpetuate the memory of our great Saint and seer Swami Dayanand Saraswati and keeping abreast of the latest educational technology and tools, D.A.V CPS has been established to meet the ever mounting demands of a progressive society and topical modern education with special emphasis on synchronization of the Indian thought, cultural and heritage with the latest plethora of knowledge updates and scientific outlook.This school, under the Management of DAV CMC assures that the delivery of education in our school is current in thinking, constantly reviewed, monitored and of high standard. DAV CPS is such a garden which provides a shade to all the bowers, to all the blooming buds to blossom into beautiful flowers. At DAV CPS we take teaching a mission, not a profession and inspire the students to achieve their goal and realize  their dreams by providing them the freedom of mind, the integrity of soul to become compassionate, responsive and committed citizens. All this is going to be possible through the efforts of the Principal, Mrs. Sarita Kaushik and her team. We also welcome all our Parents co-operation and unstinted support during this long arduous journey who have left no stone unturned to make alma mater dazzle in every aspect. 

(Sh.Rajinder Nath)