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The future belongs to them who between in the beauty of their dream “God has given us the chance to bestow certain qualities in our children so that they can see the terminal of life. Every child is born with certain degree of courage which is to be groomed properly in conductive atmosphere for self expression and creativity. The present scenario is full of challenges. We are the agents of change, promoting, understanding and accepting the enormous challenges and responsibilities for moulding the characters and minds of our students Keeping in mind the philosophy of Swami Dayanand.DAV CPS starting with a humble beginning, has covered & created several memorable milestones and is skill continuing with a spirit of diligence, perseverance and consulting of purpose towards the best goal. It imbibes and equips students with moral fibre of strength to enable them to stay away from the temptation to overcome stress and have the ability to take proper divisions and action. I thank parents and genteel of the town for their co-operation to raise the school to phenomenal height.

Dr. R. R Suri